templates versus WordPress templates.

Why speed matters.

The purpose of this site is to compare the speeds of different templates and platforms.
In particular we test a range of WordPress  templates versus blogger blogs, hosted by google.

The reason speed is important is  because of the percentage of people who click away after a few short seconds if they don’t get what they want. Latest estimates put this at 53% clicking away after 3 seconds.
Losing traffic can be an expensive business and it's worth considering anything that will keep them on board, no matter what template or platform you use.


Powerful new website themes

The most up to date themes to make the biggest impact on your website visitors.


Support with your theme

Help with your new theme to get you up to speed asap.


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All the latest features and updates to keep you ahead of the curve in making your website very appealing to visitors.

waqas said...
waqas said...

FreshDot theme is awesome, appealing design with nice color combination. thanks for sharing

James Smith
James Smith

I think this design can become my default template for blog reading site. Really attractive design. Thanks for sharing
James Williams from TechGlobeX

Joomla developers said
Joomla developers said

Excellent blogger templates. I like black ones. They are good looking and I am impressed by them. I look forward more post from you. Thanks for sharing these wonderful templates.

Mika said
Mika said

Thanks for the code! I am so loving this template, it's perfect!

Cutee said
Cutee said

Hello Anisha! Got the template today. A million thanks to you! Really love it. ^^ So perfect for my blog heheh

Emilio Hernández said...
Emilio Hernández said...

Hello, thank you very much for this wonderful template. It is what I have been looking for in weeks. Clear, simplicity but elegant. Best regards

Peter J said...
Peter J said...

Thanks to your thoughtful design, my art brochure is a success. I will be sure to recommend this template to other photographers & artists in my group. Keep up the good work!

Prem said...
Prem said...

Thank you very much for this template. I love how it is minimalistic, make my photos stand out.

Keep it coming Anisha. Hope you will still make codes just as simple as this.

Edorenel said...
Edorenel said...

I absolutely love this template! It perfectly matches my tastes/styles and what I've always imagined in my head to be what my blog or website should look like. I am eternally grateful to you,oh talented one! Ha, ha! If you wish to see what it looks like, maybe follow and/or comment, feel free to check out my link: Thanks SO much again! 😀 I am greatly enjoying your works. 😉

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Carpet tile wholesale
"Surprised to see how much slower my inhouse template is compared to wordpress templates"

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What is a Blogger template?

A blogger template is a pre-designed layout you can use as your own website on hosts websites and is free. You can therefore present a complete site including hosting, free of any charge. You do not have to do any graphics or designing skills.

When you buy a premium blogger template you can download it and then move it over to

Are all Blogger templates free?

If you want something all a little special then there are premium templates you can choose from. These are usually not very expensive and can make your site stand out a little more.

Bear in mind that whatever you set up will always have as part of your address because it is being hosted by

How to choose a Blogger template?

A simple search for "free blogger templates" will give you thousands of templates to choose from. To get started just dive right in. Mistakes are easily corrected.

What is a responsive blogger template?

This is a template that will automatically adjust elements on the page to suit the device you are using

For example, if you are viewing your site on a cell phone, the image sizes will be adjusted to fit. There will also be what is called a 3 line hamburger menu which expands out into full navigation when you touch it.

All navigation is carried out by touch on a mobile, rather than clicking a mouse.

All the functions that are available on tablets and cell phones are created using responsive web design tools.

Content ideas

Many of the principles used for search engine optimization on stand-alone sites can be used on the blogger platform.
Questions and answers are a favorite search in google and can be put to good use in your Blogger internet site, built on a responsive web design installation.

Blogger questions and answers often appear in Google frequently asked questions in SERPs and it is a solid strategy to add them into the page, for good search engine optimization.

Blogger is Google's free blog platform. BlogSpot on the other hand is a free domain service provider.
They are used together on the one platform where you will create your site.As they are both owned by Google they are particularly safe from being hacked.

Free Blogger templates

Because Blogger is a free service provided by Google, it is very popular with those starting out in the world of blogging.
There is no maintenance involved, and security is under the protection of Google itself. So your site is going to be secure from hackers etc.

Do bear in mind that Google can decide to unpublish your site for any reason.
Also, you will not have the functionality and control over how it works if it were a standalone site, but if you're starting out that may not be a factor.

You can adjust CSS which gives a degree of control over how your content will look.
There are dedicated plugins that will allow you to adjust this functionality. So you could add in things like social postings on Instagram or Whatsapp.

Blogger has developed its own gadgets which will allow you to add in functionalities like:

  • Search
  • Adsense
  • Ad display

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