LMS Educational themed blogger templates

In order to establish trust in a new blog site, it must look the part and there is no need to start from scratch when your task is to create an educational blog.  Templates are available whether you are working for a school or whether you are running a course outside of school.
Here are a few snapshots of such blogs. You will notice immediately that the standards of graphics are high, and that saves you spending unnecessarily in order to achieve the look and feel of an authoritative educational course site.
Templates like LMS education cost only $19.99, a fraction of what developing a fully independent blog site would cost.
Changing banners and other images will have the effect of making the site look completely unique to your school or college.


Here’s a link to the full demo:
A download is also available from the same page.


For a WordPress blog look-a-like with 2 columns sidebars and footer columns Learner offers a professional looking educational site.
As you would expect in 2021, it contains all the current socials icons fro the most popular platforms bookmarks and dropdown menus.
All you have to do is remove those you don’t want and you are ready to go. Much of the search engine optimization work is already done when you use a pre-designed blog.


A demo is available here:

For speed tests, our homepage of free templates links to a comparison of how fast different templates are. This matters as far as search engine optimization is concerned because engines like fast-responding pages. Again, you can download the theme from the same page.

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