About us

Andrew Taylor is the chief exec in charge of maintaining  splashy templates.
Andrew has been involved in the creation of a range of websites for clients over the last 15 years.

Splashy templates is a site offering an overview of speeds and ease of use of templates for blogger.com and for WordPress templates.

Originally free templates were offered from the site in 2012 specifically for blogger.com and there are several hundred users of our themes from then still in use today.

More recently designs reflect 2020 full screen offerings.
We offer an intro the use of page editors and how the different templates work and as an intro, there are many templates and editors that are totally free. This to encourage users to experiment for themselves to sand see what they can achieve for themselves.

A great emphasis is placed on template speeds because rankings in the search engines depend to some extent, on how fast pages are delivered to visitors.


Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor