Free blogger templates and themes


Fast way to try out demo templates before you decide which one to use.

There are a ton of free blogger templates available at which you can experiment with to learn how they work. is very well used and accounts for almost 2% of all sites on the internet.
Because of the length of time it has been around and to its popularity, developers and artists have created a considerable range of designs for you to choose from.
The aim of our site is compare speeds of some of these template with the speed of WordPress themes.

You will need to login into your google account or open an account at
On the left hand side you will see Theme. Select this, shows the current theme and offers you other blogger themes to choose from.

free blogger templates

If you prefer a bigger range to choose from, you can buy something more suitable from 3rd party site like  The demo option allows you to see what they will look like before you decide to use them as your blog.


If you like it and want to use it, you simply hit the download button which will save it to your local computer.
Whatever you choose, is saved as a zip file which we will need to be extracted.

Next is how to upload your new theme to
Hit the themes navigation which will open up the window
with the 3 dots for the upload option:


And navigate to this theme on your computer.
Navigate to the xml file which will do all the work for you.
Just upload that xml file and blogger will upload all the associated files.
To see your new theme in action, select it and hit “View your blog” to see your new theme.


There are a host of free themes for you to play with inside
Use them to get a feel for how they work.
When you are ready you can choose to buy a premium template from btemplate or other template providers.

There are several versions of wood board templates and travelling templates which seem to be favourites.



For an overview of speed on WordPress versus blogger templates return to the homepage.