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Studio Press
These are premium templates but offer great speed advantages.
For those who like to tweak their own templates, the support is excellent,
even templates you bought some time ago.
Updates remain available for years after you've bought the theme.
Why does this matter?
Because older version of themes not updated, are security risks that hackers can attack.
The Newspro theme below, is versatile and fast. This demo clocks up at under 3 secs. It could be made even faster with some simple tweaks

GTmetrix results are below. The more images etc you add then the more the
template slows down, but you can make your key money pages fast and
informational pages slower.
Be sure to follow though on GTmetrix recommendations to get the fastest speed.


There's a large range of contemporary stylish templates to choose from, that keep speeds fast.
Most of those we tested were $56. 

You can check them out here:


Wanium Themes

There are some very fast templates published by Wanium which you can see here.
We tested the template for their ecommerce clothes store.
The initial test showed 9.5 seconds but that included an identical image of 250k called from 2 different sources.
3 giant full-width images and a video.
You don't need this amount of imagery on a lander. Reducing to 2 large images and removing the video, is is going to considerably speed up the site and retain visitors, particularly on mobiles, where speed counts.
You can still retain 8 good sized product shots on this template.
These reductions will take the page down to 2 MB and a page speed of 4 seconds.

That's fast for an ecommerce site.