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If you are planning on a travel adventure, you could set up a travel blog to record all the places you see, together with photos along your route.
The interactivity that today's blogs offer, will make your diary a very live and interactive record of your travels.
Just think of all the conversations and replies you will get along the way. The real live reporting of your daily events will give your blog an air of authenticity that cannot be captured by sitting at a desktop back home afterwards.
People love reading about the ups and downs, the great moments and the pitfalls, and how you managed to handle them. That's what gives your blog its virality. That's what will get conversations going.
Take a look at the Wanderland theme at Theme forest.
It offers so much functionality, that, after a short time getting to know its basics, you will be ready to go.

The Qode Video Tutorials offer an easy to follow steps on setting up your blog.

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Travel blog for non techies

Travel blog template

Adding a bit of style to your blog makes it stand out and the offering from Trawell does just that.
The developers make the point that their speedy 5-minute setup has in mind that less techy who just want to post up content and words and photos of their travel and specifically NOT get caught up in all the technicalities usually associated with setting up blogs.

Nevertheless, you will still have many options when choosing the look of your theme.
If you did not know, many blogs offer multilingual postings, so depending on your native tongue you can choose a language most suitable for you

A further feature this theme offers is google maps integration. This, as the name implies, allows you to record your exact location and allows map interactivity where you can share the exact location of where you have been.
This theme is available here.