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Generate press: easy to build

Blogger Travel template Generate Pro : Fast template & header with easy-to-build tool Out-of-the-box this template can run at 4.4 secs. We got it down to …….. The builder is very easy to use yourself. Easy demo of overlaying your logo on a photo or backround Easy overlay of your menu. Easy full screen width…


Buycarbonate : Fast Template

Buycarbonate fast template Buycarbonate is one of the fastest WordPress templates we have come across. (0.6 seconds to load!!) It is very basic but can be easily be enhanced with a few well-designed images. As the focus is on speed it does without extra add on and enhancements but has the powerful advantage of being…


Blogger Templates Elegance Wallpaper

Blogger Templates Elegance Wallpaper Using a wallpaper blogger template for your business blog can have several advantages in terms of aesthetics, user engagement, and branding. Here are some ways it can help develop your business: Visual Appeal: Wallpaper templates often come with visually appealing designs and layouts. High-quality and attractive visuals can capture the attention…


Blogger Templates Desktop Diary

Blogger templates Desktop Diary Using a personalized diary-style template for your blog can add a unique and intimate touch to your online presence. Here are some ways you can benefit from a personalized diary-themed blogger template: Express Yourself: A diary-style template allows you to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a personal and authentic…


Blogger Templates Canvas Prints

Blogger Templates Canvas Prints Blogger templates offer many advantages for selling canvas prints, making them an ideal platform for artists and entrepreneurs looking to showcase and market their artwork effectively. One of the primary reasons lies in the templates’ user-friendly nature, allowing even those with minimal technical expertise to create a professional and visually appealing…

20- retropop

Blogger Templates Retropop

Blogger Templates Retropop Retropop blog templates have emerged as a highly effective and visually appealing tool for bloggers seeking to captivate their audience with a nostalgic yet modern aesthetic. These templates seamlessly blend the charm of yesteryear with contemporary design elements, creating a unique and engaging online experience. One key aspect of the effectiveness of…


Blogger Templates Auto Zone

Blogger Templates Auto Zone Blogger templates designed specifically for automotive blogs offer a myriad of advantages, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the website. As the automotive industry continues to thrive, the demand for visually appealing and user-friendly websites becomes increasingly crucial. Here, we explore the usefulness of these templates in creating an…


Blogger Templates Sport Style

Blogger templates sport style Sports bloggers play a crucial role in the digital landscape, providing fans with insightful commentary, analysis, and updates on their favorite teams and athletes. To enhance the visual appeal and functionality of their blogs, many sports bloggers turn to customizable templates that cater specifically to their niche. These sports blogger templates…


Black density blogger themes

Black density blogger themes One of the reasons promoted for using themes with dark backgrounds is they save battery life. Less light means less power to view the site with your laptop. If you are viewing a website on your cell phone at night or outdoors at night, it is far easier for reading the…


Lazy Breeze Blog Template

Lazy Breeze Blog Template Technical specs HTML and CSS3 are used in this template. To help your designer, we have included some design files to help you get started. These are included as PSD files, created in Photoshop and easy to edit, then import into your blog The template is responsive meaning it works by…

pink floyd theme

Pink Floyd Blog Theme

Pink Floyd Blog – Introspection WordPress Theme By Jeff Starr on a WordPress platform. SEPTEMBER 2022 The developer spent some time developing this Pink Floyd theme, but it was superseded and is now available for free use. It is called introspection and is a somewhat sombre tone, perhaps reflective of the music of Pink Floyd.…


Free blogger template for cakes

Free Blogger Cake Recipes A search on for cake will show you 10 popular templates that you can customise and use as a website for yourself personally or as part of your business. Here’s a nice banner and it’s very easy to add your own logo to it.  Don’t worry if you can’t design.…


Blogger templates Celeste

Celeste blogger theme How to set up the Celeste free blogger template. We will be discusssing the customizer options in WordPress which you will find under appearance, customize in the WordPress control panel of your blog. The changes we make here affect the whole of the site and because of this, they are called global…


Blogger templates educational style

LMS Educational themed blogger templates In order to establish trust in a new blog site, it must look the part and there is no need to start from scratch when your task is to create an educational blog.  Templates are available whether you are working for a school or whether you are running a course…

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Create themes and layouts for blogging using the blogger template platform.
What is a Blogger template?

A blogger template is a pre-designed layout you can use to create your own blogging layout and content on hosts websites and is free. You can therefore present complete blogging layouts including hosting, free of any charge. You do not have to do any graphics or designing skills. And you can choose to create it from a huge range of themes.

When you buy a premium blogger template you can download it and then move it over to

Are all Blogger templates free?

If you want something a little special, there are premium themes and layouts in templates you can choose from. These are usually not very expensive and can make your site and your blogging posts stand out a little more.

Bear in mind that whatever you set up and whatever content you post, will always have as part of your address because it is being hosted by

How to choose a Blogger template?

A simple search for "free blogger templates" will give you thousands of templates to choose from. To create your own blogging content, just dive right in. Mistakes are easily corrected.

What is a responsive blogger template?

This is a template that will automatically adjust elements on the page to suit the device you are using

For example, if you are viewing your site on a cell phone, the image sizes will be adjusted to fit. There will also be what is called a 3 line hamburger menu which expands out into full navigation when you touch it.

All navigation is carried out by touch on a mobile, rather than clicking a mouse.

All the functions that are available on tablets and cell phones are created using responsive web design tools.

Content ideas

Many of the principles used for search engine optimization on stand-alone sites can be used on the blogger platform.
Questions and answers are a favourite search in google and can be put to good use in your Blogger content, built on a responsive web design installation.

Blogger questions and answers often appear in Google frequently asked questions in SERPs and it is a solid strategy to add them into the page, for good search engine optimization.

Blogger is Google's free blog platform. BlogSpot on the other hand is a free domain service provider.
They are used together on the one platform where you will create your site. As they are both owned by Google they are particularly safe from being hacked.

Free Blogger templates

Because Blogger is the service of a free theme provided by Google, it is very popular with those starting out in the world of blogging and who want to get content published
There is no maintenance involved, and security is under the protection of Google itself. So your site is going to be secure from hackers etc.

Do bear in mind that Google can decide to unpublish your site for any reason.
Also, you will not have the functionality and control over how it works if it were a standalone site, but if you're starting out in the blogging world, that may not be a factor.

You can adjust CSS which gives a degree of control over how your content will look.
There are dedicated plugins that will allow you to adjust this functionality. So you could add in things like social postings on Instagram or Whatsapp.

Blogger has developed its own gadgets which will allow you to add in functionalities like:

  • Search
  • Adsense
  • Ad display

Because blogger has been around for such a long time there is a huge range of options you can go for when you pick a theme to use.

This page at offers some very up-to-the-minute designs.
There are literally thousands to choose from. The reason they are free is the developers hope you will require some customization, but that still allows you to experiment and try out a big range of graphic designs, which you would be hard pressed to do yourself unless you are a designer,

Some of the free templates at are very attractive.
Clearly, there must be many users of who use themes because developers and providers keep uploading the latest artistic trends as far as web page design is concerned.

They offer filters at the start so you can select and narrow down your preference by style, features topics and colours.
Lastly, they give a live demo of the templates so you can get a feel of how it will look before you go to the effort of installing it on your blog.

   Why speed matters.

The purpose of this site is to compare the speeds of different templates and platforms.
In particular, we test a range of WordPress templates versus free blogger templates, hosted by google.

The reason speed is important is because of the percentage of people who click away after a few short seconds if they don’t get what they want. The latest estimates put this at 53% clicking away after 3 seconds.
Losing traffic can be an expensive business and it's worth considering anything that will keep them on board, no matter what template or platform you use.

Tutorials on Using

There are a number of good resources on how to set up  offers some great SEO tips here has been around for such a long time that analysts tend to use it for research.

The Harvard business review recently did an article on why men are more abstract than women and used for the data to back up their article. They tapped into 600,000 blog posts to back up their report. The report goes on to say women write more clearly but less abstractly in their writings. You can read the information here.

Here are often-asked questions about