How removing sliders makes a site page much a faster



Designers using too many sliders affects overall page speed which hurts your Google rankings

Template for Mittal Hair Clinic

The template previously being used at Mittal Hair Clinic had 3 sliders and an embedded YouTube video player. This was an attractive design feature, with animations these provide. However the effect on page speed was huge.
There are several processes they use to run.

Eventually the site owner agreed to replace sliders with equally attractive images on all 3 sliders, but with the big difference that they were static images and therefore made the page much faster.

This matters even more with mobiles because the industry standard is 3 seconds to load or visitors move on.
You just cannot afford to have a big drain on your page speed if you need those enquiries.

The answer included adding a super-effective Cache  to reduce image sizes using NexGen format images.
The improved speeds were remarkable and can easily be tested with the page speed tool if you do a before and after set of readings.

Free and premium templates :  summary of speed tests.
Click through on the TEMPLATE column to download a fast template:

Desktop Speed before Javascript Minimise main thread Image fix Price & Free
Generate Press free & premium97%2.1 sec138kFree themes
Studio Press Premium only98%2.9 secs193 k$56
Astra Themes Free and Premium84%3 secs ecomm1.02 MBFree themes