Choosing a fast wordpress theme for your business could bring in thousands of extra dollars without you spending a penny more on advertising.


Are you using a theme that could be losing you visitors because it’s not fast?
You may have chosen your theme based on its appearance, or an effect that appealed to you and you probably didn’t know how fast or slow it really was.

It’s critical today that your page is fast for 2 huge reasons

1. Google loves fast sites and will rank you higher if you have one.

2. Your visitor won't tolerate anything above 3 seconds and will click away fast.


We have carried out speed tests on 3 different templates providers focusing primarily on how fast they open up a landing page. In order to list out and compare the fastest, many facilities and features which slow down pages, have not been used.

Sliders for example, where large images are rotated during a visit, add a huge overhead to speed. So we do not include these.
Do bear in mind that speeds quoted here are based on mobile speed for 2 reasons :

  • Google has stated its rankings are based on mobile speed because there are more searches on mobiles than desktops. So we have to measure template performance on this basis.
    Always be sure that your page speed tester is testing a mobile version of the site.


  • After 3 seconds, surveys have shown that 53% or more of site visitors switch away.
    This is a huge loss of business. Its important we keep as many visitors possible. And suspending templates with the full bells and whistles of many sites, is the trade off. 

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The process of installing a new theme.

This doesn’t need to be difficult or even require a web developer.
You can install and try it out before you decide to commit, and even remove some of the bells and whistles that are slowing you down right now.
Then test it out and see for yourself.
if you do, you’ll certainly see a big improvement in speed.

This alone could make a huge difference to your bottom line without you spending one more cent  on  advertising or promoting.

Fast templates can be applied in most sectors.

How does 0.6 seconds sound?

Buycarbonate is one of the fastest WordPress templates we have ever come across.

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