Celeste blogger theme

How to set up the Celeste free blogger template.
We will be discusssing the customizer options in WordPress which you will find under appearance, customize in the WordPress control panel of your blog.
The changes we make here affect the whole of the site and because of this, they are called global changes, rather than just changes on 1 particular page.
With every small change, you make you have to update then view the site as an outside user to see the full effect of what you have done.
One saving grace about the celest them in changes is that although global settings are made this way, you can override them Celeste special feature of setting keys. These are found on certain pages and are denoted by square brackets surrounding them. They allow you to change settings for any one page you are working on and therefore offer great control.

On the left-hand menu, there are a series of customizations you can make to suit your site.
The first is the logo.

For speed timings on this template, visit the free blogger templates home page.


Next is the accent colour.

This sets the colour of all your links. The secondary accent can be selected to work, hand in hand with the primary colour complementing it, or alternatively in direct contrast.
The best way to choose is to select a few different combos to update then view your site to see what works best.

celeste accent links

The page background is the next choice.

Template skin colour sets the background colour of the entire site to be white or dark and profoundly changes the look of the. As a consequence, you need to decide how best to handle the menu if you chose dark skin colour background

celeste skin

Cusom javascript code

This is where you place any script. Usually, google analytics will be placed here.
Such script will be placed on all pages and posts of the site

Title and tags, logo settings, headers and footers.

You select the title tags her in pixels.

As a starting point, it is best to stick to the recommended pixel sizes and then work to alter to tweak to suit. This gives you a good starting point which will not break the overall design features.

You’ll see the changes in the preview panel to the right. When you’re done, click Save and Publish.

celeste lhs text settings

You can choose to left or right-align your menu and also where to have it: above or below the logo.
You can also choose to have it vertically stacked.

celerste horix menu
celeste vert menu

Menu options showing above, below or on top of the background image.
Here you get to set the colour of the link in the navigation. If the background is dark you would likely choose a light text and vice versa

celets menu on bgt

Setting a sticky logo header.

This is when the logo always stays at the top of the page even when you scroll down.
It is simply set by selecting true or false.