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Grunge Yellow


Nov 9, 2011

Blogger Templates Grunge Yellow

Grunge Yellow is a grungy style Blogger Template aimed for any blogger blogs with a dirty background and yellow colors. It's recommended blogspot template for anyone who like grunge style look.
Tags: Grunge blogger template, textured, art, culture, yellow, banner, 2 columns, simple



Aug 10, 2011

Redamet Blogger Template

Redamet is an easy to use Blogger Template for food and drink blogs with red colors. It has a big banner and 3 column footer. This template is suitable for recipe blogging.

Tags: Food and drink blogger template, red, banner, footer columns, 2 columns, simple

Black Density


Apr 19, 2011

Black Density Blogger Template

Black Density is a straight design tech blogger template suitable for any niche releated blogs. It's designed in css and converted for blogger by me.

Tags: 2 columns, tech blogger template, black, grey, computer, footer columns



Apr 2, 2011

Fresh Blogger Template

FreshDot is a simple designed blogspot template with a herb header image and green colors. This 2 column blogger template recommended for any niche blogs.

Tags: Fresh blogger template, healty, nature, green, 2 columns, food and drink

Medical Clinic


Feb 25, 2011

Medical Blogger Template

Medical Clinic is a simple health - medicinal releated free blogger template with blue lines effect background. This two column blogger template recommended for medical niche releated blogspot blogs.
Tags: Medical blogger template, healthy, 2 columns, blue, white, medic banner, clean



Feb 9, 2011

LifeBook Free Blogger Template

LifeBook is a 3 columns, daily memories blogger templates with a clean design. This blogspot template a cool combination of nice colors and a drawing background image.
Tags: Daily template, 3 columns, illustration header image, left & right sidebars, orange, colorful, yellow, social icons



Jan 25, 2011

Free Blogger Template Dapple

Dapple is a new tech style free blogger template with an abstract header image and dark blue colors. It's an useful blogspot template for business / tech blogger blogs.

Tags: Bussines template, technology, creative header, 3 columns footer, software, dark, blue

Auto Blogging


Jan 18, 2011

Auto Blogging Blogger Template

Auto Blogging Blogger Template is an optimized adsense blogger template with simple and no images features. You can focus to adsense with this layout. Useful theme for autoblog farms.

Tags: Adsense templates, no images, 2 columns, green, white, simple, fast loading, autoblogging



Jan 14, 2011

Classliclink Free Blogger Template

Classliclink is a clean and professional view free blogger template for technology or bussiness blogs. It has a nice menu style, 3 columns footer and easy to use.

Tags: Tech template, 3 columns footer, software, bussines, white, blue, stylish menu



Jan 11, 2011

Modernist Free Blogger Template

Modernist is a simple, minimal but elegant Blogger Template was designed with a focus on optimal typography. It's an ideal blogspot theme for personal experiences, images and videos.

Tags: Minimalist, typography, 2 columns, elegant, white, simple, personal



Jan 8, 2011

LibraryPro Free Blogger Template

LibraryPro is a well geometric designed, professional look and fast loading Free Blooger Template. This yellow color based, 2 columns free blogspot template is suitable for tech, internet or bussiness blogs.
Tags: Bussines template, brown, 3 columns footer, software, technology, yellow, nice menu

Personal Photography


Jan 1, 2011

Photography Blogger Template

Personal Photography Blogger Template is an unique Photolog - Photographer Portfolio theme for blogger users with very clean design, social bookmarking icons, custom searchbox and labels. Not Free.
Tags: Photography template for blogger, photofolio, professional, premium, clean, white

Dirty Plane


Dec 26, 2010

Dirty Plane Blogger Template

Dirty Plane Blogger Template is a simple but elegant look, one column free blogspot template with clean white color and dirty wall background texture image. It's a useful layout for your personal blogger blogs.
Tags: One column, background image, no sidebar, fixed, grey, simple, minimal, white



Dec 16, 2010

Jasov Blogger Template

Jasove Blogger Theme is a cool and different style free blogspot template with static (fixed) header & sidebar and nice colors combination. It's a minimal template for your any kind blogger blogs.
Tags: Wordpress to Blogger, 3 columns, left sidebar, fixed, green, simple, minimal



Dec 10, 2010

Celeste Blogger Template

Celeste is a clean and professional Blogger Template for pro-think bloggers with a real unique view, 4 columns footer, nice rss&home buttons and quality look. Psd designed by and converted into blogger by me.
Tags: PSD to Blogger, unique, 4 columns footer, custom button, white, brown, premium



Dec 7, 2010

Outline Blogger Template

Outline is a new Simplicity Blogger Template. It's a clean look and different style blogspot template for tech and review blogs. Created by me.

Tags: Tech, review, 2 columns, simple, white, top menu, searchbox, grey, easy to use



Dec 1, 2010

Review Blogger Template

Review Blogger Template is a 2 columns, simple and fast loading blogspot template that it's for ever kind of blogs. You can use it like a daily notes, product reviews or whatever you like.

Tags: No images, 2 columns, simple, grey, white, fast loading, minimal, review blog.



Nov 16, 2010

Silverlining Blogger Template

Silverlining is a stylish and web 2.0 blogger template. It's come with orange - grey colors, original header elements and 3 columns footer. This template will be really useful for your any niche blogspot blogs.
Tags: Software, gadgets template, 3 columns footer, orange, grey, special header, web 2.0

Web Vision


Nov 14, 2010

Web Vision Blogger Template

Web Vision is a businesss / internet releated Free Blogger Templates with nice colors and 3 columns footer. It's a CSS based blogger theme and converted in blogspot by me.

Tags: Business template, 2 columns, blue, grey, 3 columns footer, easy to use, elegant

Light Foods


Nov 12, 2010

Light Foods Blogger Template

Light Foods is a Recipes Blogger Template with a cool features content section and light colors combination. I suggestion this PSD to Blogger Template for your recipes blog. PSD designed by PSDStyle.
Tags: Recipes template, white, blue, 2 columns, green, elegant, diet food recipes