Mar 17, 2012

RetroPop Blogger Template

RetroPop Blogger Template is another unique blogspot template comes with pop art style, Google Font API and an ornament background. It's recommended for personal - music blogs. Designed by SplashyTemplates.
Tags: Retro header, ornamental style, brown, 2 columns, orange, right sidebar, cool searchbox

Canvas Prints


Jan 22, 2012

Canvas Prints Blogger Template

Canvas Prints is an Art / Paint Blogger Template with a canvas style background, glamorous sidebar and 3 columns footer widgets. It's recommended for painting, drawing or photography blogs. Designed by me.
Tags: Artistic, font API, 2 columns, art, yellowish, canvas tile, footer widgets, flickr

Grunge Yellow


Nov 9, 2011

Blogger Templates Grunge Yellow

Grunge Yellow is a grungy style Blogger Template aimed for any blogger blogs with a dirty background and yellow colors. It's recommended blogspot template for anyone who like grunge style look.
Tags: Grunge blogger template, textured, art, culture, yellow, banner, 2 columns, simple



Aug 10, 2011

Redamet Blogger Template

Redamet is an easy to use Blogger Template for food and drink blogs with red colors. It has a big banner and 3 column footer. This template is suitable for recipe blogging.

Tags: Food and drink blogger template, red, banner, footer columns, 2 columns, simple



Jun 4, 2011

Necodio Blogger Template

Necodio is a Simple Blogger Template with a grey geometric background, nice header and blue colors. It's a useful blogspot template for blogger users.

Tags: Personal blogger template, 2 columns, white, simple, paperclip, fixed width, blue.

Rs Tech Blog


May 2, 2011

Tech Blogger Template

Rs Tech Blog is a new and free Tech Blogspot Template with quality and elegant design. This 2011 blogger template is recommended for technology and business releated blogs.
Tags: Tech blogger templates, business, rounded corners, yellow, 2 columns, business, software, blue, icons

Black Density


Apr 19, 2011

Black Density Blogger Template

Black Density is a straight design tech blogger template suitable for any niche releated blogs. It's designed in css and converted for blogger by me.

Tags: 2 columns, tech blogger template, black, grey, computer, footer columns