Dec 10, 2010

Celeste Blogger Template

Celeste is a clean and professional Blogger Template for pro-think bloggers with a real unique view, 4 columns footer, nice rss&home buttons and quality look. Psd designed by Amuki.com.ec and converted into blogger by me.
Tags: PSD to Blogger, unique, 4 columns footer, custom button, white, brown, premium

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Richard said...

No download?

Anisha said...

Sorry for my late. Now, celeste blogger template download file is ready.

nkq said...

thanks, very nice temp

Miss Paradojas said...

How can I insert "read more" button as this template shows here, please?

Miss Paradojas said...

How can I get the Read More button (and function) as the template shows here, please?


Anisha said...

@Miss Paradojas
I saw that it's okey, right?

Please check bottom page, if you want to more info about "Read More" button.

Miss Paradojas said...

Yes, I got it. Many thanks for this nice template and happy new year.

Ania said...

Hi Anisha,

it's a second template made by you that I'm using ;) Thanks a lot for a good job! Please continue :)

Ps: happy new year.

Anisha said...

Hey Ania,
Thanks for your interesting:) Happy new year too.

Bogdan Epure said...

I have a problem - on my custon domain the search is not working. Any thoughts how could i fix this?

Anisha said...

@Bogdan Epure
You will need time for index. Robots will index your site. Then it will work.

Bogdan Epure said...

I have been on the new domain since January first. I submitted my sitemap to google webmasters.

I have the search problem since i switched to this new template.

Anisha said...

@Bogdan Epure
I sent an email about search. Please check your emailbox.

By the way, i can use search option in your site.

Bogdan Epure said...

Yes you can but only the posts that are published after i changed the new template. Anyway i'll try to find a fix and i will post anything i find here.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Template . Is it possible to add another bar at the top for facebook?

Anisha said...

Is it possible to add another bar at the top for facebook?

If you can edit some codes, yes it's possible.

hazirah sabuddin said...

Hai, is it possible to put up 'like' button that will link my posts to my facebook?

Anisha said...

@hazirah sabuddin
Yes, it's possible.

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