Cake Recipes

Oct 30, 2010

Cake Recipes Blogger Template

Cake Recipes is an attractive designed Recipes Blogger Template with an amusing desserts & chocolates colors, nice background images, a big banner and stylish blog content. You will like it for your recipes blogspot blogs. PSD designed by PSDStyle.
Tags: Recipes, brown, pink, two columns, professional, elegant, banner, google fonts

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Charlotte's Mom said...

hi this themes is very nice, i already tried it, but there's only 1 problem, everytime i post pictures the pictures shows only half, you can visit my blog to see the problem,pls. hope u could me and solve the error on my blog templates, thanks

Anisha said...

@Charlotte's Mom
This a standard procedure in blogger blogs. Blogger makes auto-resize to your published photos. You can view actual size when you click to photos.

Everthings is okey on your blog.

Anonymous said...


Tracey DeRose said...

I love this templete and I am using it for my blog. Is there any way to shorten the height of the top and the image?

Anisha said...

@Tracey DeRose
Yes, but if you will use your own image, you must resize image background ( image background frame )

Tracey DeRose said...

Thanks. I tried resizing the image and it mage the image smaller, but the backround frame stayed the same. I tried other things, but it didn't work. Do you know hwere in the html I need to resize?

Here is my blog for reference

Anisha said...

@Tracey DeRose
There is have a default template. No cake recipes template. So, i can't check it :)

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