Pinkfloyd Theme

Aug 25, 2010

Pinkfloyd Theme Blogger Template

Pinkfloyd Theme is a stylish and creative designed 3 column Blogger Template with a wooden background image and oldbook look. This template is particularly clean and nice for your blogs.

Tags: Music, brown, wooden, 3 columns footer, nice icons, right sidebars, label clouds

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wasim khan said...

Hi, I like your new blogger template. Keep it up the great work. Thanks for nice shearing.

Anonymous said...

hi dear please please tel me how i can edit my posts URL. exp
please help me

Anisha said...

As you wrote;
Give a title with your keywords when you are publish your posts.

Post Title:
Post Title My Keyword Select

Post URI:

Yuko86 said...

I've a big problem: my readers aren't able to see correctly the template.
Here's my blog

I can view it correctly with mozilla but nor with explorer or chrome. What can I do?!?!?!

Anisha said...

Hi Yuko86
Pinkfloyd theme is working chrome and explorer ( not correctly with ie6 )

I added your some widgets to and it's correctly work with chrome too. Check with chrome.

I'm sorry but i don't know why it's working with some problems in your blog. Just you can test your blog without some widgets. Probably this problem releated with a widget content. Or you can try upload it again.

Raechel said...

Im having trouble with sharing an individual post. Theres a widget that should do this, but with this template, it's not showing up. The box is checked as being on when I checked the design layout. Is there a way to show the share widget for sharing an individual post? Cheers!

Anisha said...

Hi Raechel,
First, sorry my late.

Unfortunately, this template have some old blogger codes and i can't update it. Blogger was update some codes, then "sharing" codes not working on old templates.

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