About this template

Generate Press : Fast template & header with easy-to-build tool

This Out-of-the-box the free template will show your site in 4.4 secs. We got it down to 3.3 secs by enabling "Keep alive" and installing "gzip".
Just ask your host to do this. It's relatively easy and makes your site a few seconds faster. Faster sites mean more enquiries.

The builder is very easy to use yourself to use.
Easy demo of overlaying your logo on a photo or background.
Easy to put your menu navigation on top.
Easy to show your site at full screen width. (The modern way)
The free template comes with a easy-to-follow series of simple steps to fix it up.

And it's fast at below 3 seconds, depending on your image sizes.

Free themes are available. And the full upgrade is $49


A remarkably fast 2.6 secs is achieved here.
If you can restrict yourself to 2 large images you can easily achieve this peed.
It's good value for a free out-of-the box wordpress template.

The premium version adds more functionality but at the cost of slower speeds.