Turning your wordpress website into a successful business

The most important task you face to make your site bring in business and enquiries is how you develop visitors. How you get them to come, visit, then buy or enquire.

How you attract them initially, depends on what sector you are in.

Brochure sites for local services.
Here you are showing your shop or office front and promoting yourself as a local business.
One of the most effective ways to bring people in, is by listing with Google my Business, a free service provided by Google, to  promote local operators.
You load up details about your business and in return, Google will list you in your local area.

People searching in London for an accountant, will see a short box of accountant based in London, with short details.

Ecommerce operators
Here you're selling goods throughout the country.
Now you traffic will come from search engine enquiries, free or paid.


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