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Every site owner’s worst nightmare involves experiencing a downtime once in every five minutes, if their site loads in more than ten seconds, or when they get the error message ‘bandwidth exceeded’. These problems are in most cases caused by an impromptu spike in the traffic of some content that has supposedly gone viral; they result in every site owner’s biggest fear, the loss of lots of visitors.

Unfortunately, these are not even the worst issues. If a site owner is unfortunate to have their site hosted on a web server that has a compromised security, hell could break down. He/she could lose all his/her priceless data and content after some technical glitch because supposedly there was no proper backup.

Ipage Coupon

Issues of this nature are quite common and are only solved by hosting your site on a reputable web server provider. And this is where iPage comes along; here are some top reasons why you should be using it;

1. The pricing

Sites do not make cash instantly. They involve a process that begins with choosing the most appropriate niche and creating compelling content. But until you reach the point where your site can make you rich, you need your expenses kept minimal. With iPage, you don’t require to be super rich to begin a website as spending on the registration of the domain and hosting fees will not inadequately strain your budget. The downside is that you will require to sacrifice the best of your time to boost your website’s online presence.

Here are some tips for a newbie;

– Choose the shared hosting plan

The advantage of the shared plan is that it will come with an unlimited disk space and bandwidth and with usage policy that is quite fair. For a new website owner, the shared plan is your best kick off tool.

– Don’t go straight to the cheapest plan

Most of the prices for the plans will range from $3 to $20 per month. Don’t run to the most inexpensive (not unless it’s a special offer) as it might limit your websites performance.

2. Broad feature set

iPage uses three site builders, weebly, goMobi and Website Creator. As if that’s not all, if you want to start an eCommerce site, an online store builder is also included for you. And if you haven’t registered a domain yet, one will be included for free!

3. The kick off promotion

With a new site, iPage gives you up to $300 worth of marketing credits. This will start you off in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook, therefore giving your site/blog the much-needed exposure.

4. Full security suite

The suite will allow your company to keep running without any worries. The suite includes malware scans, spam scans and constant monitoring of your sites network. A full technical support is also one of the features with a US-based phone support.

iPage provides the best web hosting services, especially for first timers. Your blog/site is hosted the first class host with poccket friendly prices for high quality services for one to two years. An annual sign up to iPage’s hosting service and giving your absolute best will lead to increased chances for revenue generation within a year, in that way, you will easily pay the regular prices .