Hostgator Coupons 2017

Hostgator Coupons 2017 – top hostgator coupon codes of the year. Save big money on hostgator hosting.

Hostgator is considered as one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and it is the first choice for many marketers and webmasters. It offers a wide selection of plans dependent on the client’s budget and needs. Hostgator customers can sign up for VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting plans:

Shared Hosting

This is the most economical option available and is ideal for small websites and blogs. If you opt for shared hosting, your website will be put on a server along with other websites so that you can share resources.


Hostgator Coupon 2017

It is advisable to try the shared hosting plan if your website is just starting. AS the business grows and expands, you can upgrade to dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting

When individuals upgrade from shared hosting to VPS, they can now install the packages and software they want. Also, with a VPS hosting plan, you can have more freedom to stream media and send emails.

VPS hosting plan is the ideal hosting plan for individuals who intend to install certain software and packages that are not accessible in the shared hosting plan. While the plan works in a similar fashion with shared hosting (because it shares a server with other websites), the websites it shares resources with are very few. Moreover, VPS hosting features admin access for its operating system installation in a virtual environment. VPS hosting is appropriate for established websites that draw huge online traffic, online shops as well as business websites.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are suitable for online stores and business websites that deal with thousands of products. Dedicated servers give your website exclusive access to the full server. The plan, just like VPS, includes full admin access. The features of this plan are a right fit for busy websites that experience high traffic and that require extra customization which cannot be found in shared hosting.

HostGator’s dedicated server users have the liberty to customize their servers with up to 16GB of RAM, I TB of storage as well as an impressive 25TB of monthly data transfers. The hosting plan offers both Linux and Windows operating systems- and it is one of the few web hosts that offers both. Most web hosts prefer to offer Linux alone.

Reseller Hosting Plan

The reseller hosting plan is appropriate for savvy webmasters who intend to resell their own web-hosting service. The plan is also ideal for webmasters who have many different websites as the hosting plan consolidates all the different websites under a single control panel. Essentially, the plan is geared to make your own hosting company.

Many Hostgator web hosting clients love the platform owing to its convenience and affordability. Each hosting plan comes with different unique features that include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, 4,500 free website templates, 24/7 technical support, and 99.9% uptime guarantee. To get the same services from other hosting providers, customers need to part with hundreds of dollars.

Also, HostGator has an excellent and responsive support team that can assist and guide you in case you want to learn more about its services and products.

Hostgator Coupons 2017 – top hostgator domain name coupon codes for 2017.

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IPage Coupons 2017

IPage Coupons 2017 – top ipage coupons of the year. Save big on your chosen ipage webhosting plan.

Every site owner’s worst nightmare involves experiencing a downtime once in every five minutes, if their site loads in more than ten seconds, or when they get the error message ‘bandwidth exceeded’. These problems are in most cases caused by an impromptu spike in the traffic of some content that has supposedly gone viral; they result in every site owner’s biggest fear, the loss of lots of visitors.

Unfortunately, these are not even the worst issues. If a site owner is unfortunate to have their site hosted on a web server that has a compromised security, hell could break down. He/she could lose all his/her priceless data and content after some technical glitch because supposedly there was no proper backup.

Ipage Coupon

Issues of this nature are quite common and are only solved by hosting your site on a reputable web server provider. And this is where iPage comes along; here are some top reasons why you should be using it;

1. The pricing

Sites do not make cash instantly. They involve a process that begins with choosing the most appropriate niche and creating compelling content. But until you reach the point where your site can make you rich, you need your expenses kept minimal. With iPage, you don’t require to be super rich to begin a website as spending on the registration of the domain and hosting fees will not inadequately strain your budget. The downside is that you will require to sacrifice the best of your time to boost your website’s online presence.

Here are some tips for a newbie;

– Choose the shared hosting plan

The advantage of the shared plan is that it will come with an unlimited disk space and bandwidth and with usage policy that is quite fair. For a new website owner, the shared plan is your best kick off tool.

– Don’t go straight to the cheapest plan

Most of the prices for the plans will range from $3 to $20 per month. Don’t run to the most inexpensive (not unless it’s a special offer) as it might limit your websites performance.

2. Broad feature set

iPage uses three site builders, weebly, goMobi and Website Creator. As if that’s not all, if you want to start an eCommerce site, an online store builder is also included for you. And if you haven’t registered a domain yet, one will be included for free!

3. The kick off promotion

With a new site, iPage gives you up to $300 worth of marketing credits. This will start you off in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook, therefore giving your site/blog the much-needed exposure.

4. Full security suite

The suite will allow your company to keep running without any worries. The suite includes malware scans, spam scans and constant monitoring of your sites network. A full technical support is also one of the features with a US-based phone support.

iPage provides the best web hosting services, especially for first timers. Your blog/site is hosted the first class host with poccket friendly prices for high quality services for one to two years. An annual sign up to iPage’s hosting service and giving your absolute best will lead to increased chances for revenue generation within a year, in that way, you will easily pay the regular prices .

Dreamhost Coupons 2017

Dreamhost Coupons 2017 – top dreamhost coupon codes of 2017. Save money on dreamhost webhosting with these dreamhost promotional coupons.

Dreamhost is a very famous provider of affordable dedicated and VPS plans as well as Linux shared hosting. Currently, all clients receive a 14-day free trial and are assured each hosting is carbon-neutral. Non-profit and charity organizations in the US benefit from free web hosting from the company. One of the ways Dreamhost remains popular is through its coupon and promo codes. There are many and having an idea of some of the popular promo and coupon codes can assist you get the most affordable hosting plan in the market.


Dreamhost Coupon

$60 off Unlinited Plan

When you go for the unlimited hosting plan from Dreamhost, you can get a coupon code that ensures you save $60. This code is available to current as well as new clients. For the code to work, it should be applied when you are renewing you unlimited hosting plan, or when you are signing up as a new client.

$50 Promo Coupon

Dreamhost offers you a one year $69 charge for hosting and it gives you a domain (free) with the package. For registration you can pay either using a credit/debit card or PayPal. The company has a $50 promo coupon offered upon registration. Basically it means you may end up paying $19 for one-year hosting which is inclusive of a free domain name.

40% discount

Apart from the coupons you can find on the site, there are others you can find on other affiliate or hosting sites. Such websites know the importance of Dreamhost and its popularity among users. That is why they will tend to offer various discounts. One of the highest you can find is a 40% discount which can be found on various websites such as or Other discounts will include one free annual domain registration and up to 50% off on selected hosting plans.

$15 off Domain Name Coupon

There is a $15 off on domain names for all clients who are interested in using Dreamhost. The coupon is known as BlackFriday 2014. It is currently available and is valid until the 31st of December 2019. As this is the case, you can use it every year when you renew your annual hosting plan subscriptions.

$15 off + 3 Free Domains

Another coupon code offered by the company is the 3 free + $15 off. With this coupon, you can get three free domains and a $15 discount on a plan of your choice. It is one of the most popular coupons offered by the company, and it is valid until the 31st December 2019.

Free Domain Names

When you sign up for unlimited hosting, you are privy to 5 free domain names. The moment you sign up you will receive a Dreamhost coupon code that will unlock this feature. The domain names are not restricted to the type of plan you choose. Keep in mind the domain names are only free as long as you are hosted with Dreamhost.

Coupon codes are introduced every now and then. It is wise to check for new codes at least once every week. Sites such as offer their own coupons for Dreamhost. They also have additional discounts that may save you a great deal.

WPEngine Webhosting Plans

WP Engine is one of the industry leaders in managed WordPress hosting that thinks only about how to run WordPress in the best way possible. The WP Engine webhosting plans are designed to keep websites fast, scalable and secure. Unlike other hosting providers, every WP Engine hosting feature from GeoIP to EverCache, staging sites and one-click SSL feature has been designed specifically for WordPress customers. The WP Engine company also has a team of over 125 highly trained and experienced support experts that work 24/7 to help you resolve any WordPress issue that you experience at any time.

Best WPEngine Webhosting Plans

The WP Engine is also proactive in keeping your website secure with automatic updates including security patches and WordPress core updates. The company also carries out proactive malware and security scans to ensure that all WordPress running on the platform are free from intrusions. The WP Engine webhosting plans are built on a technology that will ensure that they thrive amid the suddenly changing markets, high traffic demands unforeseen conditions.

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The highlights of WP Engine webhosting are many but some of the features worth a mention include firewall, malware scan, firewall, 1-click restore, blazingly fast load times for globally accessed content and evercache proprietary caching technology for massive speed and scalability. The shared WP Engine webhosting plans are separated from other customers at the kernel and filesystem level and the enterprise plans are run in dedicated environments are not shared with other customers. The company further ensures proper server configuration to ensure optimal performance including protection against scripts that may contain vulnerabilities and disk write limitations. If your website gets hacked, the company will fix it for free.

WP Engine Webhosting Plans

Whether you are looking to set up an intricate multi-website for your brand or a simple personal blog, WP Engine offers several managed WordPress hosting plans that include Personal, Professional, Business, Premium and Enterprise grade.


The WP Engine webhosting personal plan is perfect if you are looking to run one site. The plan starts at $29 per month and offers 10GB local storage, unlimited data transfer, largeFS, staging and transferable installs. The plan supports one install and 25,000 visits per month among other benefits.


The professional plan is perfect if you are looking to take your professional work into the next stage. The plan starts at $99 per month and supports up to 10 installs and 100,000 visits per month. The plan runs in a shared environment and comes with 20GB local storage, largeFS, staging, transferable installs and 24/7 ticket support among others.


The WP Engine webhosting business plan starts at $249 per month and supports up to 25 installs and 400,000 visits per month. The plan runs on a shared platform and offers 30GB local storage, staging, transferable installs, largeFS and CDN among other features.


The Premium WP Engine webhosting plan runs in a dedicated environment and supports up to 150 installs and one million visits per month. The plan also comes with unlimited data transfer, 100GB to 300GB local storage, staging, 1000GB free CDN, largeFS, transferable installs and supports third party SSL among other features.

Enterprise Grade

The WP Engine Enterprise Grade webhosting plan provides the ultimate in security, reliability and scalability. The plan also comes with multiple servers that leverage intelligent load-balancing technology to offer you with the most powerful managed WordPress hosting experience. The plan supports up to 150 installs, five million visits per month, 400GB to 1TB local storage and unlimited data transfer. The plan is also GeoIP enabled, launch readiness assessment, support third party SSL, strategic account management and 1000GB free among other features.

Rating: 5/5