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Jan 1, 2011

Photography Blogger Template

Personal Photography Blogger Template is an unique Photolog - Photographer Portfolio theme for blogger users with very clean design, social bookmarking icons, custom searchbox and labels. Not Free.
Tags: Photography template for blogger, photofolio, professional, premium, clean, white

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thinchhia said...

not free? anyway its not the kind of theme i like. :) my blog design is better than this hahaha

Allinn1 said...

Hello There,

I am interested to purchase your Premium photography Blogger template.


I want few modifications within this template.

Such as:
I want to place Google Ads on Front page (two side bars - left and right of the photo) and also want to make it more professional putting some background image/color ; something similar to below blog background.

Can you please tell me whether it is possible and what will be the price of the final template.


Anisha said...

Hi Allinn1,
Please contact with me via email.
my email: anisha[!at!]splashytemplates[!dot!]com


Facemot said...

Just Only One Column?

Anisha said...

Actually, it's two column. ( categories - Animals, Fashion, etc - is 2nd column ) But it's look like one column.

Twyla Gariepy said...

Does it automatically pull the image from flickr? Does this come in other colour versions: grey, black, etc?

Anisha said...

@Twyla Gariepy
Images not from flickr. These are just regular posts with a short content or just images.

Yes, i can customize colors like grey or black.

Twyla Gariepy said...

hmm .. could you make it so that if you posted a new image to flickr (or wherever) it makes a new post with it in? (I'm lazy is it obvious? - doing things duplicately: post in flickr then post again in blogger - is such a pain in my behind; none of the flickr widgets I've seen really do what I want in a wantable style and I am finding it difficult to hybridize my blogger with my flickr)

Anisha said...

@@Twyla Gariepy
I sent an email to your hotmail about for your question.

For others, here is a help page about how to configure it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to post a video in this template.
If so i really really want it !!!!
P.S Ive sent an email request to purchase this.

Anisha said...

I have sent an email about video post.

For other visitors, here is a video post example.

ed said...

Hi, Have to say that the preview is rubbish. All we see is one picture, whatever label we click. What happens if we have multiple pictures in one category. These are questions we don't need to have to ask. some common sense please.

Anisha said...

This is a different style blogger template. I made it like a photography showcase. If you click to arrows, you will go to next or preview photos. This template is working just like a pro photographer site.

MIKA said...

Really love this template, it will fit my idea for my home design blog.

Can I request for a code and how much is it?

Looking forward to your reply.

dhungda said...

Hi Anisha, just thinking like Ed - is it possible to put another tab next to home or about (you can name it "browse") ? so we can see all label with multiple pictures in one category (for benchmarking see 35mm template from pixel photo). And how much it costs ?

thank you

Anisha said...

Hi again dhungda,
Yes you can add another tabs in menu. For customization request, please use my contact page.

Mika said...

Hello there!

I just sent an email requesting for this template. I would like to purchase it but there is no link where I can use my paypal for purchasing.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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