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Nov 9, 2010

Premium Photography Blogger Template

Premium Photography Blogger Template is a professional Photo Blog - Photo Diary blogger theme with an unique / stylish expandable categories widget. It's a minimal, clean, simple to use and very cool blogspot template for your photos. Not Free.
Tags: Blogger templates for photography, photoblog template, professional, premium, grey, jquery

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Anisha said...

Hi BlogBoy,

This is a Premium Blogger Template. For more details, please click to "Premium" button.

Artax said...

This theme's very clean and easy to customise.
Also the expandable categories appear to work correctly on every browser I've tried!

Thanks lots!

Anisha said...


Sanjib said...

very nice template....wish i could have it

Event Photography said...

This is a good template! How did you make it look so proffesional??

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