Sep 1, 2010

BallRules Blogger Template

BallRules is a professional sports style Blogger Template with Ads Ready and dark colors. It's suggested for any ballgames like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Billiards, Bowling, Golf, Volleyball, etc. Designed by me.
Tags: Adsense ready, sports, top widgets, bottom widgets, dark, black, stylish, 3column, elegant

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Business Logo Design said...

wow looks like a premium blog template i like this nice template design and i like to download it for my blog.

Ricardo said...

How I change the sidebar color ?

Great template :)

Anisha said...

Hi Ricardo,

Go to Blogger Dashboard - Design - Edit HTML and find this code:
#sidebar-wrapper {

Use your hex color code instead 1b1b00

Thanks by the way,

Anisha said...

Note for Gustavo Diass,

Your email address is not work. So, i can't send you template files. Please send me a new email address.

Bigmmsi said...

This is one of the best template in 2010 I have ever seen for blogger.. .... Cool magazine templates!

Anisha said...

Thank you very much Bigmmsi :)

Claudya said...

Hi, i filled at Feedburn subscription, could have this tempate at amy e-mail please? Tia.

Anisha said...

Template is sent.

Claudya said...

Ty Anisha!!!! I received, love it! xo from Brazil

Douglas_HHH said...

I love that template, and already put on my blog thanks splashy!

Anonymous said...

i love it......really nice

success catalle said...

pls anisha can you send me the template. i love it. thanks

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