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Jul 27, 2010

Herbal Treats Blogger Template

Herbal Treats is a new free premium Blogger Template comes with nice yellow colors, social icons and custom searchbox. It's a excellent template for any kind of naturopathy Blogger blogs.

Tags: Yellow, rss, twitter and facebook icons, blog logo, custom footer and searchbox

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Anisha said...

For Vanessa,

Your e-mail is not work. I can't send you any e-mail.

shivkumar.co.cc said...

How do i enable data at the beginning of the post

Anisha said...

Hi Shivkumar,

You must change default banner picture with yours.

shivkumar.co.cc said...

Thanks for reply....
I have changed the picture ..
However, if you notice, the date of post is not showing at the beginning of the post ... usually which will show in large fonts... I want to make the same visible... Can you suggest any modification in the code or something similar

Thanks in advance

Anisha said...

Hi again Hi Shivkumar,

You must replace blogger date header codes in your HTML codes.

Please go to Blogger Dashboard --> Design --> Edit HTML and check "Expand Widget Templates" box.

Then please follow instructions that they are in the bottom pictures.

1- image 1

2- image 2

Finally, check bottom image for post date size and color settings.

3- image 3

herbal products said...

You have a great herbal template here. The social icons at the top will be very useful. Hope you can make more cool blogger templates.

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